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Fiat Panda Easy is now available as Mild Hybrid!

Fiat Panda Easy Mild Hybrid

Following in the footsteps of the Fiat Panda City Cross, the Fiat Panda Easy is now available as a mild hybrid. The most popular city car in Europe receives all the benefits of an efficient, compact, lightweight and accessible hybrid powertrain. 

The Panda Easy will be available with a new petrol mild hybrid engine that combines a 3-cylinder FireFly 1.0 litre engine with a 12-volt BSG electric motor and a lithium battery that delivers 70hp (51kW). 

The mild hybrid version improves fuel efficiency and reduces CO2 emissions on the road by 10% without impeding performance. Thanks to the BSG system, it ensures a high standard of comfort whilst driving with quiet, vibration free restarts of the internal combustion engine in stop/start mode. 

The BSG system is mounted directly on the engine and is operated by the belt that also drives the auxiliaries. The system recovers energy during braking and deceleration, stores it in a lithium battery, which is then used at a maximum power of 3,600W to restart the engine in Stop&Start mode and to assist during acceleration. 

The mild hybrid unit will receive a 6-gear manual transmission, aimed at improving fuel economy in out of town driving. The new system also involves lowering the entire power unit 45mm resulting in the car performing better on the road due to the lower centre of gravity.


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