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The New Peugeot 308 & 308 SW has launched!

Peugeot New Car

The New Peugeot 308 & 308 SW is available to order!

The much anticipated New Peugeot 308 & 308 SW has finally arrived at our Day's Swansea & Haverfordwest showrooms!

After a successful VIP event hosted in our Peugeot showrooms 2 weeks ago, we are excited to announce both variations are available for a viewing, test drive and ordering today! 

Both the 308 & 308 SW come with 5 trims at launch, from the Active Premium to the GT Premium and a choice of engines: Petrol, Diesel or Hybrid with an ell-electric range of up to 40 miles). 

The exterior on both models is sporty & stylish with a step into a futuristic exterior design. Also, the new Peugeot logo makes the vehicle look complete, as the new 308 is the first Peugeot with the new branding. Peugeot have launched 2 new exterior colours with the launch of the new 308, Olivine Green exclusive to the hatchback model & Avatar Blue exclusive to the 308 SW. We think both colours look beautiful, but which one do you prefer?

The New Peugeot Logo

The New 308 is the first vehicle in the Peugeot range to feature the new Peugeot logo. Along with the bold and beautiful design of the grille the new logo compliments the vehicle superbly. 

New Infotainment System

Available from Allure level, the new dual touchscreen is a masterful approach of keeping the practicality of a touchscreen infotainment system and taking up to the next level. As you'll see in the image to the right, there is a second rectangular screen with 6 icons. These can be easily customised to your most used apps giving you easy and quick access to the apps you need while driving.

As the driver you'll certainly feel in command of your new 308. The driver focused front cabin is ergonomically designed with the driver in mind with it's multi function steering wheel and the latest Peugeot i-Cockpit dashboard. We detailed earlier the spectacular infotainment system, better yet, the tilted design brings it closer and easier to control for the driver.

To make things easier and safer for the driver you can use Peugeot's virtual assistant to assist you with any command while you're concentarting on the road. Simply say 'Ok Peugeot' to active & ask away!

You want to know more I hear you ask? Of course! Our Peugeot experts at Swansea and Haverfordwest are on hand and ready to assist. Contact your nearest Peugeot branch here.