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Top tips for passing your MOT!

More than 40% of cars in Great Britain initially failed the MOT test according to the latest figures from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). We’ve put together a list of quick and easy checks you can carry out to give your car the best chance of passing its test. These will only take a minute and can save you time and money in the long run. 


1.  Headlights and indicators - Ensure all of your car lights are functioning properly - headlights, sidelights, rear lights, hazards, indicators and brake lights. If you ask a friend to help, they can check the rear brake lights while you press the pedal.


  1. Number plate - Make sure your plate is clean and legible. The font and spacing of letters must comply with legal requirements to be passed by the MOT station. 


  1. Tyres - Check your tyres are above the legal tyre tread depth, which is 1.6mm. We offer a free health check which includes an all important tyre check. Or find out how to check them for yourselves here.


  1. Seatbelts - All seatbelts should be in good, working order. Tug sharply on the seatbelts to ensure they react as they’re supposed to if you brake severely. 


  1. Windscreen - Check the view out of the windscreen for any damage, make sure your wipers are able to clean the windscreen. Replace worn wiper blades and top up your screen wash, empty screen wash can result in a fail.


  1. Brakes - One in 10 MOT failures are due to brake issues. If you hear any strange noises, contact your local garage immediately. You should also check the brake fluid levels and top this up. 


  1. Horn - Check your horn, just give it a blast. The horn must be present and functional, if it’s not working this is a failure. 


Nearly 50% of all faults found on MOTs could be avoided by carrying out regular, simple maintenance. 

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